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Eggs & Milk REDUCED + Cow Down & Hoophouse Destroyed

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Hi Reader!

"When Dad started running to the van, I just had to follow."

The 10 year old farm boy was helping Dad with chores at the packbarn when Dad got an emergency phone call from Blaise who was milking the cows.

Our newly "freshened" cow slipped at the milking platform and couldn't get up from where she was laying on the concrete ramp.

That's a heart-pounding emergency for a farmer. [continued below].

We Are Open! *** Market Hours:
Saturday: 10 AM - 1:00 PM

One day only

EGGS 4 doz for 20.00!
Eggs keep for 2 months!

MILK 1 gal 8.00; half gal 5.00!

Enjoy the Bounty of Spring!

Ideas: Deviled Eggs, Rice Pudding, Custard, Creme Brullee, Egg casserole, Quiche Lorraine, Strata, French Toast

At breakfast we heard the story.

Reuben, Blaise and Andrés took breakfast while letting the cow rest because they hadn't been able to help her up despite lifting her with straps and a fork lift.

Our 5 year old cow, Wilma, had her calf the day before. She didn't need any help and her female calf is perfectly healthy.

Code Words for Cows

  • A female calf is called a heifer until she has her own calf and becomes a cow.
  • A cow begins to produce milk again after giving birth. This is called "freshening."
  • A pregnant cow is "dried off" or allowed to stop producing milk to focus her nutrition and energy to the developing calf inside her.

But sometimes a birth can severely deplete the minerals in a cow's body, causing weak muscles.

Even when lifted, Wilma couldn't support her weight on her weakened legs.

After consulting with the vet, we arranged with a neighbor farmer to come over to give Wilma a calcium supplement through an IV.

It worked! PHEW!

That's the first time we've ever had to do that and we are sure grateful to our neighbor Darvin for saving our valuable cow.

"I would hate to lose her." Farmer Reuben confessed. "She produces a lot of milk and birthed three healthy calves. She's a great, young cow with many more healthy years left."

That's only one of the stories from the farm this week.

Three cows freshened this week so we suddenly have lots of milk: 7 - 10 extra gallons per day really adds up!

Now you know why we have extra milk to sell tomorrow.

First Vegetables Planted this Week!

Reuben's perfect plan went awry when our windy march weather ripped the plastic off of both hoophouses in the field.

This video shows you exactly what happened how we are going to keep growing early greens for you anyway.

video preview

Oh! We also got a short loan from a farm supporter to buy a new plastic cover.

That means we can protect those plant even better and plant more sensitive vegetables early when the greens are harvested. THANKS, "DEB"!

Spring Income for a Farmer is a Challenge!

Taking the week "off" from delivering Market Boxes means giving up a week of income while we are still working hard to plant and care for animals.

Your visit to our Farm Store tomorrow can really help us make up the difference.

I'll personally be in the store but if I'm not busy I'll be helping my daughters make food for Easter.

They don't need my help so keep me busy in the store by stocking up on eggs and milk.

We also have brioche rolls, scones, pizza dough and sourdough bread in the freezer that will be perfect for your Easter dinners!

I can't wait to see you to wish you a Happy Easter!

As Always...

We support your desire to have a good, healthy way of life and food on your table that supports that goal.

We'll keep farming for you!

Reuben and Tessa DeMaster
Willow Haven Farm

P.S. Visit us at the farm store Saturday 10 am - 1 pm.

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