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From Carb-Heavy to Healthy: How Pastured Pork Can Change Your Family's Eating Habits

Published 2 months ago • 1 min read

Hello Reader,

Are diabetes or autism spectrum issues making feeding your family a challenge?

Does it seem like all they want to do is eat carbs? Bread, chips, and pasta seem to fill their plates at every meal.

What if healthy, pastured pork in your freezer could change those eating habits?

I know menu planning is time consuming and tiring.

But when you don't have a plan, you resort to fast and easy carbs that you know your family will eat.

Offering quality protein is one effective way of edging out the simple carbs and adding healthy fats and proteins that will make you feel full and increase the nutrients you consume.

Pastured pork from pigs who have spent their lives soaking up the sun, eating organic vegetables and drinking fresh milk is a great choice for high quality protein.

Here's an Easy Plan:

  1. Stock your freezer with our Pastured Pork Bundle
  2. Choose one or two pork cuts to thaw per week
  3. Season simply with salt or my favorite Pork Rub
  4. Cook using your favorite method: grill, slow cooker, Instant Pot
  5. Serve generous portions for 2 - 3 meals
  6. Add a salad or vegetable you know you like
  7. Repeat

Upgrade: for even better nutrition add a favorite fermented food, like sauerkraut, to help absorb vitamins and minerals.

Healthy Success

Irene told me recently that her husband's blood sugar is lower and her sons are enjoying bacon, scrapple and more veggies by eating pastured pork along with their favorite vegetables in their market boxes.

"I recently made a pork roast from the pork I purchased. FABULOUS! It was the meat that was so good!" B. Barksi

See what adding pastured pork to your meal plan can do for your family.

We'll keep farming for you!

Reuben and Tessa DeMaster
​Willow Haven Farm​
New Tripoli, PA

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Tessa DeMaster

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