Special offer: Order Clean, Delicious Food from Your Farmers without a subscription! Limited Time Only

published27 days ago
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Hi Reader,

Do you wish you could have all the benefits of raising your own food even though it's not possible for you right now?

If you find yourself worrying about what is sprayed on, fed to, shot up or added to the food you buy - I can help.

Farmer Reuben is growing and producing food you can trust and sourcing even more from farmers that we know and trust to feed our own family.

When you purchase a Market Box from Willow Haven Farm you’ll fill it with every food group you need from Reuben and Tessa who teach about and explain what is offered every week. You’ll spend less time shopping and more time preparing or enjoying your food.

I'm going to help you get the best organic and pastured farm food that our region offers at this time of year.

Let me tell you, it's easy to find all your farm food in one place when you let Farmer Reuben do the work for you. Reuben and his team have so many fresh foods from our farmers and producers.

I can't wait for you to see them all.

Now is your chance to get a taste of our super popular Market Boxes. The Market Box is a "shopping cart" you fill with anything from our selection of local, organic farm foods.

Special Offer for You!

Normally, only farm members can see inside our online store to customize their box each week.

This weekend the Online Farm Stand will be open for YOU!

Here is a sample of our Featured Foods this week:

What Can I Get?

Fill your cart with anything you want to try during this one-time Flash Sale.

There is NO LIMIT!

How to Buy:

1️⃣ Set your reminders for 8 am Saturday morning to get the best selection of all our farm foods.

2️⃣ Click the button to fill your shopping cart and check out.

3️⃣ Open your box of "deliciousness" and enjoy!

👇 This button takes you to our online Farm Stand during the Flash Sale. 👇

If you click before Saturday you'll get to sign up for alerts the minute we open Farm Stand.

What do you need to know?

  • $35 minimum order
  • $5 packaging fee
    • We'll credit this amount back to you when decide to start your own market box subscription.
  • Flash Sale is open 8 am Saturday - 7 pm Sunday.
  • Deliveries on Nov. 16 & 16 at all our locations
  • Convenient Home Delivery for only $10
  • If you want a step by step guide on how to complete your Farm Stand order >> Check out THIS GUIDE.

This is your perfect opportunity to stock up for Thanksgiving!

Order Saturday 8 am - 7pm Sunday.

We'll keep farming for you!

Reuben and Tessa DeMaster
Willow Haven Farm
Directions to the farm

P.S. Try our food! When you love it - join!

👇 This button takes you to our online Farm Stand during the Flash Sale. 👇

If you click before Saturday you'll get to sign up for alerts the minute we open Farm Stand.

Order Saturday 8 am - 7pm Sunday.

Thinking of unsubscribing? You can opt out of Farm Stand One Time Box announcements but still receive our popular Friday Farm Story emails by clicking here.

Tessa DeMaster

Growing up on my family's farm in Pennsylvania, I never would have pictured the life I live at Willow Haven farm. As a kid I spent summers in our large family garden we called, “The Truck Patch”. I helped mom every summer, picking beans, weeding, and cutting fruit and vegetables for the hundreds of jars of canned and frozen produce we put up. Now I spends less time out in the field and more time in the kitchen doing the same preserving for my own farm family. Farmer Reuben values my many hours doing much of the behind the scenes marketing, writing emails to cultivate customers and capturing the farm story each week. I'm always learning along the way in my quest to improve the farm experience for each of her current and future farm members in our 500+ member, year-round customized farm box delivery program. Reading our stories will connect you with your food in a way you never experienced before. Someday soon you will want to fit local food into your life and we'll be here to help you.

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